Our Story

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Our story begins three years ago, when our then five-year old daughter started showing symptoms of hay fever. The severity of her allergies intensified as the pollen count increased. Soon she had to use a nebulizer every night so she could breathe more easily during sleep. 

My training in Herbal Medicine inspired me to try nettle tea sweetened with local honey. Within two weeks, her symptoms had dissipated! We were amazed by nettle's effectiveness. Yet many of our friends were still hesitant to try nettle. They weren't interested in making a daily pot of nettle tea and swallowing pills was too difficult for their children.  

I then had the idea to mix the nettle with something to make it easier to consume. Honey was a natural fit because of its own beneficial properties. I was surprised to find that honey has been used as a delivery mechanism for herbal medicine for thousands of years. This even had a name, Electuary. Thus Herbee was born.  We decided to package herb infused honey in straws to make them portable and more enjoyable for children.  

We're excited to revive this ancient herbal technique with our first product, Herbee Allergy Relief.